Why You Should Buy CBD Oil Online

​The market for CBD oil has boomed in the last few years. This is a wellness trend that actually works! Since this great remedy is growing in popularity you probably know at least one other person who uses CBD oil or is interesting in trying it. But along with the popularity comes a lot of slander and whisperings. Is CBD safe? Can I get in legal trouble for using it? Where should I buy it from? How do I know my CBD oil is pure? Well here at Advanced Labs CBD we want to answer all your questions and set all the rumors straight. Everyone deserves to have a solution to their issues. There are so many uses for CBD oil! Keep on reading if you have questions and want to learn more about how CBD can help you!

CBD Oil Online

With an increase of demand for CBD oil comes many companies trying to fill that demand. Dispensaries and online shops have popped up nearly everywhere! Since there are so many, how could you ever decide which one to get your CBD from? Are they all legit? Are they safe? While a lot of companies take extra precautions to make sure their CBD oil is pure, there are shady companies that claim that they’re the best but just want to catch a pretty penny. Illegitimate sites and sellers like this skip out on the most important parts of processing. Without specific processing your CBD oil can become contaminated which can lead to the oil doing more harm than good. So how can you find out which companies to trust? First off, if there isn't a CBD dispensary near you the obvious choice for you is probably to buy online. If there is a dispensary near you, buying online is still a good option. You may not want to walk into a dispensary without knowing what exactly you want and need. Buying online gives you an opportunity to do a bit of research regarding the company's legitimacy for yourself. Sometimes shopping online is just more convenient! Almost anything can be bought online these days, and delivered right to your door! Why not CBD oil? You can order CBD oil from the comfort of your own home. There are several questions you can ask yourself when looking to buy CBD oil to make sure it's just what you need.

Sourcing and Processing

Where is the hemp grown? Is the location a place where the plants would normally grow? Most sites will advertise whether or not the CBD oil comes from organically grown hemp or not. But just because its organic doesn't mean its pure. Make sure that the farm doesn't use toxic substances such as pesticides, herbicides, or heavy metals. While pesticides and herbicides can prevent bugs and weeds it can also harm us. The global push to go organic is because of this. You want to make sure that you aren't getting any negative effects from your product. Processing is another big concern when looking into which CBD oil to purchase. There are many ways to extract CBD from hemp, but not all of them are safe or effective. Cold pressing is a common extraction method for hemp seeds. However CBD oil comes from the seeds and stalks of the hemp plant. Hemp seeds have very low levels of CBD oil content, therefore oil that is extracted from hemp seeds is not pure CBD oil and might contain fillers to compensate for the lack of CBD oil content. Using solvents such as petroleum or naphtha can also be used in the extraction processed. This method, however, tends to produce oil that has a lower concentration of terpenes and other cannabinoids like CBD, while increasing concentrations of THC. One of the main reasons people look into CBD oil is for the low content of THC so they can avoid the psychoactive effects and high. So as we can see, this method is not the best processing technique. CBD oil processed with CO2 extraction is the most safe and effective to get the purest, highest CBD content in your oil. It's very critical that during the extraction process the CBD oil is handled carefully and that no adulterants are added, accidentally or on purpose. A common way legitimate companies ensure the purity of their oil to their customers is through independent third party testing. Make sure to be wary of sites don't include documentation. At Advanced Labs CBD we want to make sure you feel confident and comfortable when buying such a great remedy. Our CBD oil products are made with certified organic hemp grown in Kentucky and are free of any synthetic or artificial ingredients. We provide all of our sourcing and processing information on our website.

Pricing and Claims

With all the CBD options merely a click away it can be tempting to grab the cheapest option. Low prices sure are attractive but as you dive deeper you’ll find that the cause of these cheap prices is cheap oil. These low price, low quality oils often contain minimal amounts of actual CBD oil. Many of them contain fillers and additives while continuing claims to be 100% pure CBD oil. Look into detail to figure out if the oil has been carefully processed If you want to make sure you’re getting an effective product, look for quality, not for a low price. The higher the concentration of cannabidiol in a product, the more potent and strong its effects will be, and therefore a better investment. Making high quality CBD oil is not easy or cheap. Due to the large amounts of plant matter it takes to get even just a little bit of oil, the best oils are not going to come cheap. On the flip side, don't go to the most expensive product and expect the best quality either. You shouldn't have to break the bank for a solution that really works and will actually help you! Beware of sites and sellers that claim their CBD oil can cure EVERYTHING. While CBD oil is an amazing natural remedy that can help you heal and overcome some of the toughest challenges, there are limits to everything. When it comes down to it, no specific product, or dosage is perfect for everyone.

If you're concerned about the legality of CBD oil and purchasing online worry not! CBD oil is completely legal. As long as it contains .03% THC. Get your CBD oil today! Don't wait to purchase this great product! From the comfort of your own home, you have the opportunity to change your life, or the life of a loved one, for the better!

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