You Don’t Need To Worry About Side Effects With CBD Oil

Have you been around the block a few times bouncing from one medication to the next? It can be physically exhausting and mentally frustrating! You try out a medication for a few weeks to a month, only to find out the medication is not only not working, but now you're having additional issues. You end up back in the doctor's office only to find out the symptoms you are experiencing aren't symptoms, but side effects brought on by the medication the physician prescribed. Some of these side effects are so severe, the physician ends up adding an additional medication to counteract the side effects of the first. Or, you’ve been on a medication for some time and your body becomes accustomed to it, and all of the sudden it stops working! You need to find a replacement med, and fast! Then, you're on to "the next medication." This cycle of madness repeats itself again, and again, and again. Really, who has the time and patience for this?

Side effects - they can be so over-the-top, enough to back away entirely from a possible remedy to your condition. If that’s not bad enough, some side effects can cause a person to have a physiological and psychological dependence on the meds. So, meanwhile while "trying to help" they’re actually setting you back in the long run. How about side-effects like hypertension, decreased sex drive, nausea and/or vomiting, lack of coordination, disinhibition, depression, emotional dysfunction - including anger and violence, memory loss, brain fog, headaches, dizziness, diarrhea, weight loss or weight gain. All these side effects come when you really just want to control your anxiety and depression and lead a semi-normal life!

With these drugs, patients might experience a worsening of symptoms, rather than a improvement. This could mean an increase in depression and anxiety! The side effects of these medications can possibly be more detrimental, rather than being an antidote. And then on top of this, these drugs could include possible severe suicidal ideation and even action! So if you're struggling with finding medication that is actually helpful, turn to CBD oil!

Wouldn't it be exciting to never again be in a position where you had to weight the benefits of taking a medication, against the side effects? Negative side effects outweighing any benefits the medication could offer is precisely why the alternative, natural route to health has started to pick up speed.

Never To Worry With CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is probably the best known cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, along with its psychoactive sister, THC. Although these two compound family members share the same roots, they don't carry the same family traits, and their effects on the body are a night-and-day difference.

While THC is the compound that creates a stoned of "high" effect, it does provide some health benefits being an analgesic, an anti-inflammatory and a neuroprotective. However, the side effects for this drug far outweigh the benefits. (And puts us back at square one) This is why THC is not considered a suitable treatment for many conditions. CBD oil, on the other hand, is definitely a better option!

CBD has a greater ability to affect the CB2 receptor, which is the receptor in charge of helping the body to maintain a state of homeostasis within the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the brain and body. The ECS recognizes CBD as a natural cannabinoid and can use it to help maintain balance.

There are very few known side effects of CBD. These are mostly minor, and happen only in rare cases. Using CBD oil, the chances of side effects are greatly reduced because we aren't dealing with synthetic chemicals. No matter the situation, everyone who is considering taking CBD, should definitely continue to do the research on it.

Common Sense Everyone Should Know About CBD

First thing to note - buyer beware of where you obtain your CBD oil. CBD oil is not one and the same from seller to seller. Make sure you are purchasing a quality CBD product from a reliable source, and be educated about its origin. A reputable company will post third party lab testing on its CBD oil for public view, as well as include an ingredient label of its contents.

Secondly, remember that CBD is not a drug but a superfood, a nutrient dense superfood. It's not synthetic chemical, but naturally produces a calming effect after ingesting. Coincidentally, if you take too much, it will make you sleepy. Sleepy is rather a symptom than a side-effect of ingesting too much oil. Larger doses of CBD oil can be taken at night to aid those who suffer with insomnia. But for daytime use, remember don't over do it, and start out slowly. Keep in mind, less is always more, for those who are new to CBD.

Experiencing a headache, fatigue, dry mouth, stomach discomfort, or light-headedness with CBD? These symptoms can sometimes occur when first taking CBD oil. All of these are detox symptoms, rather than side-effects. When CBD enters the system, it stirs up toxins in the body, which then enter the bloodstream causing a potential for temporary symptoms to occur. When first starting CBD oil, start with 5mg once a day for a full week. If symptoms persist, try every other day, or wait a couple of days in between. You can always increase your dose after the first week, and increase your dosing to two times a day later on. For the best results, when first beginning CBD, it is imperative to stay hydrated and don't skip meals.

Note, for those patients suffering with Parkinson's disease who are supplementing with CBD may experience increased shaking. Reducing doses to appropriate amounts for the individual will help decrease the probability of increasing tremors or uncontrollable muscle movements.

Lastly, continual high dosing of CBD may stop the activity of the P450 enzyme which is responsible for the metabolizing of drugs in the body, much the same as eating a grapefruit will produce the same effect. Word to the wise -If you are already taking any prescription drugs, suffer from epilepsy, or are currently taking blood pressure medication, and would like to use CBD, you should talk with your medical doctor about any possible interactions.

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