The Benefits Of Using CBD Oil In The Fall and Winter

It's an exciting time as the festive months begin to roll around. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years and the many other holidays bring about a lot of memory making opportunities and happiness. But as summer fades into fall and it gets colder many people experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). There are many who dread the winter months and fall into a seasonal depression. If you or someone you know has experienced this you know that it can really affect daily life and enjoyment. Well if you’re ready to take back your holidays and get warmed up in the upcoming cold months we have just the thing! CBD oil is an amazing solution to bring a little bit of light to these dark days. It can also help with a number of other seasonal issues that are common for many people!

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Those who suffer from SAD not only experience depression and possible suicidal thoughts but are also affected by insomnia and a poor appetite. To be diagnosed, the symptoms must be observed for at least 2 years, and occur during the same season. Due to low light exposure, lack of sunlight and vitamin D deficiency SAD is most common in the harsh winter months. Pain is also a common cause of depression. A lot of people have an increase of pain in the colder months. Low body temperature can lead to poor circulation and inflammation of the joints. Prescription medication always seems to be the “easy fix” so that is what thousands of people turn to each year. But prescription medication can cause more problems than the ones it fixes. With a list of side effects out the door, it's difficult to weigh out the pros and cons of taking over the counter medications. CBD oil is a great natural remedy for SAD and winter pains! Due to the soothing properties of cannabidiol you can get quick pain relief when supplementing with CBD oil. CBD oil has shown to decrease anxiety and depression and stimulate the brain to bring about uplifted and happy feelings. Without the psychoactive effects of THC that is found in marijuana CBD gives you all the benefits minus the high. Unlike prescription or over the counter medication CBD doesn't come with side effects. You can supplement with CBD oil and change your life! Fight that seasonal pain and depression with an all natural, organic, safe solution!

Athletic Performance

Did you know CBD oil can help you improve your athletic performance? And it can also target issues related to winter athletic activity! The bodies natural response to wear and tear is inflammation. While a little inflammation is normal, sometimes it can get out of hand and cause high levels of discomfort. In the winter months, as you train outside, inflammation can increase naturally due to low body temperature. Common solutions to pain and inflammation are over the counter medications and steroids. These synthetics can be more of a hindrance than a help for a lot of athletes. CBD oil is naturally pain reducing and has a therapeutic quality that will not only lessen pain but sharpen your focus and allow you to perform better. The stimulating nature of CBD oil has shown to support brain function. This will help you process faster and have the brain capacity to hone your abilities. In the winter time it's difficult to find the motivation to stay active. With the dreariness of these cold months the brain tends to want to wind down and hibernate for the winter. CBD is great to use as a pick me up and energy boost. At the same time CBD oil is great for proper rest. CBD is an antioxidant which promotes healthy sleep. It’ll keep you energized during the day, helping you shake off the daytime sleepiness, and give you a good night’s rest. You can also use CBD to curb appetite cravings. With all the unhealthy holiday treats and meals, CBD will help you keep your goals to eat healthy! Whether it’s soothing sore muscles, finding the motivation and energy to work out, or trying to balance caloric reserves, CBD oil is a valuable addition in any fitness plan.


We all know that starting up school takes a toll on our immune systems. Being around all those people can cause your health to decline as you’re introduced to new bacteria. Along with school, the stress of the holidays can wreak havoc on your health. Cold weather leads to the spreading of viruses such as cold viruses and influenza. This can be one reason you get sick during the winter. Because it is cold outside people tend to stay indoors which brings everyone in a closer proximity, leading to the sharing and spreading of germs. CBD is a great immunity booster. With its antibacterial properties you can fight off infections of cold and flu. CBD can also relieve pressure from sinus issues. In cold weather our hearts have to work harder. To prevent heart attacks and heart failure, small doses of CBD will effectively protect your heart. The calming, soothing properties of this oil you can keep the stress of the holidays at bay, promoting a good night's rest and allowing you to recuperate with the help of CBD oil!

Advanced Labs CBD is here for you! We want you to enjoy the holiday months with your family. CBD oil is great to use for anyone in the family. CBD oil is safe for use with kids and even your pets! Stay healthy, warm, and productive this fall and winter with our CBD products. Don't break the bank over remedies that don't work and have harmful side effects. Bring CBD oil into your home and see for yourself the good it can do in changing your life!

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