How CBD Oil Can Help Those With Public Speaking and Social Anxieties

​With school starting it can be relieving to finally get back into a familiar schedule. As you begin a regular routine, a sense of calm can come with that structure. However, many people feel more anxious. The fear of having to give a presentation, sharing something with the class, or even just walking through a crowded hallway can become overwhelming. One can come to loathe and dread going to school, while still having a strong desire to learn and grow. With this constant battle it can become difficult to focus and perform well. This is also a relevant issue in the workplace and even day to day life. If you suffer with the fear of having to speak publicly or even general social anxiety you’ve probably searched and tried to find a solution already. That might be why you're here! Well Advanced Labs CBD is here to provide a solution that actually works!


CBD oil is derived from hemp. Now a little clarification, hemp is not marijuana. Hemp and marijuana both are members of the cannabis family but hemp does not produce the same high marijuana does. This is because hemp contains little to no THC. THC is the compound that produces a high. Many people choose marijuana because the high brings about a sense of calm to their minds and soothes their anxiety. Marijuana does not do this for everyone though. Some experience an increase of anxiety and causes the mind to race too much. It can make thoughts over active and unorganized. If this is the case for you, CBD oil can be the perfect solution! CBD oil has all of the great qualities without the high that comes from THC. You can experience a soothing, peaceful state of mind while facing some of your biggest fears!

Social Anxiety

Over 40 million adults are affected by some type of anxiety. Many of those that suffer from a mental disorder turn to prescription and over the counter medications. While these medications can work, long term effects can be detrimental. One can become dependant and addicted to their medication. There is a long list of side effects that come with prescribed and OTC medicines from muscle weakness to digestion issues. Studies have found that cannabidiol (CBD) could reduce symptoms of social anxiety. Scans of participants revealed changes in the brain linked to feelings of anxiety. In these study, cannabidiol not only made participants feel better but also changed the way their brains responded to anxiety. Because our CBD oil is completely organic and all natural it is completely safe and not habit forming. As you use CBD oil you will be able to notice a change in yourself and your state of happiness!

Public Speaking

Many people have a fear of being vulnerable in front of a crowd. Most say that they would rather die than speak publicly. No matter how prepared you are, no matter how many times you practiced your speech in the mirror, you just know that something will go wrong and you’ll be hopelessly humiliated. With this fear it's difficult to feel safe when the possibility that you might be put on the spot in front of an audience is prevalent. We all want to feel safe and comfortable. Now you're probably asking “how can CBD oil give me that confidence boost?”. Well we have just the answer. CBD assists specific areas of the brain to improve a person’s memory, thinking, and coordination. This means that as your brain receives that support it will sharpen your focus and help you articulate your thoughts. The natural calming effect of CBD oil will decrease levels of nervousness as you stand and speak in front of an audience. Using CBD oil is very simple. You can use it in cooking, or even drop a dose underneath your tongue. Take control of your life and forget the fear of public speaking. You can see results almost immediately as your nerves are stimulated by the soothing qualities of CBD oil!

Panic Disorder

People who suffer from panic disorders feel terror and fear randomly. This can be extremely disruptive in your day to day life. During a panic attack, you can experience sweating, pain in the chest, heart palpitations, and a number of other things. Sometimes, you might also feel like you are choking or having a heart attack. Panic attacks are draining and take a lot of your energy away. Panic disorder can lead to a fear of social and public interactions due to the mental stress and paranoia of being in a crowded place. While prescribed medication can eliminate panic attacks, many who struggle with panic disorders say they even under medication continued to experience a constant sense of dread. CBD oil can help instill a positive, uplifting mentality. Studies have shown that not only is CBD preventative but that in the event of a panic attack CBD has the potential to help calm you down and bring your anxiety back to a safe level . Memory plays a big part in anxiety. One of the most common triggers for a panic attack is the retrieval of a traumatic memory. A preclinical trial showed that CBD could block unintentional retrieval of memories, thus leading to a more calm state of mind and a decrease in chances of having a panic attack. CBD oil is amazing to balance mental unrest and panic.

Advanced Labs CBD has the goal to provide you with the best product possible so that you may get real, long lasting, positive results. Our CBD oil is completely organic and all natural. Our oil is free from synthetics and additives. Trusted by top doctors and health professionals worldwide, we can guarantee the safety and effectiveness of our products. We hope you take advantage of this amazing product and take your life back. Don't let anxiety and panic rule your life! Be confident this school year and in your work with the help of Advanced Labs CBD oil!

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