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​With every coming year, new innovative ways come to light to keep us in the best health possible. These nutritional supplements come with claims that range from treating disease or ailments, and physician diagnosed medical disorders. Because medical science is not yet backed with years of substantial research to prove such affirmations, the FDA is not ready to term every-day CBD oil as a conventional modern day medicine, and neither is the U.S. Drug Administration. There are many who remain skeptical and who still consider CBD, like all cannabinoids, a schedule 1 drug. In fact, you may know more concerning hemp derived CBD oil, than your friendly neighborhood family physician.

Don't be surprised if you're in the doctor's office, and the doctor is astounded to learn you have eliminated three of your prescription medications that you've been on for years. Even he is beside himself trying to find out what you’re taking, so he quickly searches CBD oil, and reads the first thing to pop onto the screen. When he reads about the cannabis plant, the doctor jumps to conclusions, and you get stuck with an "undercover drug test," which of course, turns out there isn't anything to worry about. Really, nothing illegal going on here. (Sigh.)

The same is said, when you talk with with your local pharmacy, wondering if there would be any problems taking CBD oil with your thyroid medication. The pharmacy tech refers you to the pharmacist, who then has to do some research for ten to fifteen minutes, before coming back to you with a thumbs up. So, why is it that those who provide modern medicine are seemingly behind the times with CBD oil? Truth is, they’re not the only ones. It may take a long time to educate everyone around the world about hemp derived CBD oil, mainly because it might mean educating, one by one.

The Legal Status of CBD

It has taken some serious time, almost 34 years to be exact, trying to legalize CBD (hemp) oil in every state around the U.S., the last being the state of Indiana in April of 2017. Wow! The same kind of patience may need be applied, about educating different countries around the world, and being able to change their own personal governing views of CBD oil, and cannabis altogether really! For some countries, cbd hemp and recreational marijuana are all one in the same. Illegal. Surprising isn't it? Although many countries still view hemp CBD oil as illegal, there is no actual governing body in the United Nations that enforces the prosecution of its use as a health supplement. However, with every governing country, to each their own.

For all the other states and countries where it is not legal on paper to buy hemp CBD oil over-the-counter without a prescription, ordering hemp online from other countries, where cannabidiol oil is legal, works as a loophole to help acquire hemp CBD oil, for its customers who reside in countries where hemp, medical, or recreational marijuana is all illegal.
Though it may vary from country to country on the legality of hemp CBD oil and its products, the social reception to cannabis is vastly improving. Even those who may have had a different political stance on their views of cannabis previously, are dropping their negative outlook in light of new research.

Is CBD Oil Legal In My Country?

In most cases, CBD hemp oil is available with a doctor's prescription in most countries. Non-prescription CBD use, or those who take it as a nutritional supplement- well that's another story. Below you will find a table, including the status of non-prescription CBD hemp legality around the world. If you do not find your country in this table there may be a couple of possibilities:

The country does not have a clear stance on CBD, which means that it may be possible to purchase.

CBD is considered in the same category as any cannabis/marijuana product, and thus regulated by the country's cannabis laws.

Keep in mind that many countries where cannabis/CBD is technically illegal ,you may still be able to find places within that country that sell it over-the-counter, or are able to bring it into the country or order it online without any problems. This can be interpreted to mean, that some legislation within the country is outdated, or simply not enforced.

Depending upon the country, some allow the sale of non-prescription, over-the-counter CBD products that contain no more than 0.2% (European countries), or 0.3% of THC- the legal cutoff for hemp.

Non-Prescription Legality Listed By Country

Country                    Status                  Notes

United Kingdom     Legal                   Moving to classify as a medicine,
Austria                      Legal
Australia                   Illegal                 Risk of confiscation by customs.
Bahamas                  Illegal
Belgium                    Illegal                 Reports of people being jailed and/or sued.
Brazil                       Tolerated             Marijuana illegal, possession decriminalized
Bulgaria                    Illegal                 Strict marijuana laws, no CBD regulations.
Canada                   Tolerated              All products legal on October 17th, 2018.
Czech Republic     Tolerated             Marijuana is illegal but decriminalized.
China                         Illegal                 Tough on drugs, do not import into country.
Dominican Republic Illegal              All products, including CBD are illegal.
France                      Tolerated             CBD unregulated, importing not a problem.
Germany                  Tolerated             Able to buy from dispensaries, or import.
Guatemala                Illegal
Hungary                     Illegal
Israel                           Illegal                 World leader in research, all products illegal
Japan                         Legal
Jordan                         Illegal
Monaco                     Tolerated             Marijuana illegal, tolerated in small amounts
Netherlands             Tolerated             Hemp extracts illegal, under 0.05% THC ok.
New Zealand             Illegal                  CBD is a controlled drug, illegal to import.
Norway                        Illegal                  CBD and hemp are illegal to import.
Russia                         Illegal
Slovakia                      Illegal
Slovenia                    Tolerated               Marijuana is illegal, but decriminalized.
Spain                         Tolerated               Cannabis/CBD is illegal, but no enforcement
Switzerland                 Legal
Italy                            Tolerated                Working on legalization, usage tolerated.
Philippines                Illegal                     Harsh drug laws. Importing risky.
Peru                            Tolerated                Possession decriminalized. CBD oil ok.
Portugal                    Tolerated                 Possession decriminalized. CBD oil ok.
Turkey                          Illegal

Traveling With CBD Hemp Oil

The legal status of CBD is complex and constantly changing, as we expect it will continue to do just that. Countries will continue to evolve and accept its safety and efficacy as time passes. When choosing to travel with CBD oil in your carry-on or stow away luggage, you will want to do the research on the current legality of the supplement in that country. Should your luggage be checked by airport security, what will happen will depend on that country's stance towards CBD and/or marijuana. If the country is strict like China or the Philippines- you can likely go to prison if they catch you with it.

In the meantime, until the whole world is able to catch up on all the benefits of CBD oil, and make the legal reformations necessary- it is better to be safe than sorry.

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